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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a compilation of questions, and accompanying answers, related to the Director Software programs.

1. What are the current Director Software versions?

Director Software Version
VIA Director 1.11
Analyst Director 1.08
SWR Director 1.11

2. Where can I get an upgrade for a Director Software program?

Follow the Downloads link from the Director Software top or bottom navigation bar. If you are a registered Director Software user, you will have to reenter your registration information after installing the upgrade. Be sure you have your registration information readily available BEFORE you install the upgrade.

3. What analyzer model and firmware versions are supported by the Director Software?

Verify the analyzer model and firmware version number. If you are using an older version of firmware to those listed below, the Director Software will NOT interact with the analyzer as expected. If you require an update to your analyzer firmware, please contact AEA Technology (see FAQ #10 below).

Note: This is especially important if you are using the Analyst Director software. The firmware was updated for the 30-150 Analyst, and the 140-525 Analyst. If you are attempting to use the analyzer containing the original firmware, the Analyst Director software will NOT be able to communicate with the analyzer. Again, contact AEA Technology for the latest firmware for your analyzer.

Analyzer Model Power On Message Firmware Version
HF Analyst ? ?
VHF/UHF Analyst AEA SRW-121V/U ANTENNA ANALYST Version V2.5 (from label on PROM)
30-150 Analyst MODEL 30-150 Version 1.1 (Press the F1 F5 F1 keys on the analyzer keypad)
140-525 Analyst MODEL 140-525 Version 2.0
CellMate Analyst AEA CELLMATE Version 1.2 (Press the F1 F5 F1 keys on the analyzer keypad)
CellMate II AEA CELLMATE II Version 2.0 (Press the F1 F5 F1 keys on the analyzer keypad)


4. How can I verify communication between the analyzer and my PC, without using the Director Software?

Verify the analyzer responds to commands sent from the PC to the analyzer via the serial connection. You must be able to receive the expected response from the analyzer in order for the Director software to operate.

  • Ensure the cable is connected to the analyzer and the PC.
  • Ensure the analyzer is powered from a AC/DC power transformer, not batteries. Note: a low battery voltage will produce intermittent access to data from the analyzer.
  • Ensure the analyzer is powered ON Note: some analyzer models have an automatic power OFF feature.
  • Use the HyperTerminal program to interact with the analyzer:
    • Select Start|Programs|Accessories|Communications|HyperTerminal
    • The Communications Description pop-up box appears,
    • Enterany text into the Name: field,
    • Select OK,
    • The Connect To pop-up box appears,
    • In the Connect using: field select COMx, where x = 1..n,
    • Select OK,
    • The COMx Properties pop-up box appears,
    • In the Bits per second: field select 9600,
    • In the Flow control: field select Xon/Xoff,
    • Select OK,
    • Within the terminal window, send a command to the analyzer:
SWR-121 HF, SWR-121
  • Type a ? (without the quotes)
  • Expected response: SWR @ 144000 kHz. = 1.27
Analyst, 140-525 Analyst, CellMate and CellMate II
  • Type a ? (without the quotes)
  • Expected response: VSWR @ 800.00 MHz. = 1.09
  • Type a B00K (B zero zero K without the quotes)
  • Expected response: B= 20,12345k

5. Whenever I try to install the software (run setup.exe), I get an error C:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

One or more of your PC operating system files are missing or corrupted. A Microsoft technical bulletin (;en-us;324767) describes the problem and provides a solution to resolve this problem.

6. My PC doesn't have a serial port, only a USB port. Will the Director Software work with a USB port?

Yes, but you'll need a USB to Serial Port adapter. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when installing the adapter driver, but ensure the driver is setup to use Comm Ports 5 through 8 (so as not to cause a conflict with the PC's existing Comm Ports 1 through 4).

7. I've just installed the SWR Director (or Analyst Director) software. When I attempt to start the program I get the following error: Error reading PrintDialog1->Copies: There is no default printer currently selected.

You have not configured a default printer for your PC. The SWR Director program must acquire certain printer parameters on start up. You must assign a default printer in order for the SWR Director to start up properly (any printer will do, it doesn't even need to be connected to the PC). Use the 'Control Panel|Printers|Add Printers' to add a printer to your PC.

8. When I try starting the VIA Director on my PC running Microsoft Vista OS, I get an error - Network initialization failed...

The error is related to a setting for the Borland Database Engine (BDE). To change the BDE setting, follow these instructions -> Vista BDE Fix.

9. What's the serial cable wiring for the analyzer?

Cable wiring diagram

10. Who should I contact if I have a problem?

AEA Technology currently supports both the analyzers and provides first line of support for the Director Software. AEA can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone in the U.S. at 1-760-931-8979, or FAX at 1-760-931-8979.